Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our ABC Book – Letter Aa

So, here is our first post for our ABC book! Since we were doing apple activities this week, it just made sense to start with “A” is for Apples!

I saw this cute craft at Izzie, Mac & Me and knew it was perfect for our book.

M glued the big “A” , the little “a”, and a rectangle (for the tree trunk) to a piece of blue cardstock. Then he used his markers to color the pieces. I wrote which color each should be, as he has enjoyed being able to “read” the color names in other projects. He was apparently not that thrilled about coloring this time around:blog pics 007He put his head down like he was bored to death, but it did get colored… barely.

Then he glued “apples” to the apple tree – these were simply red holes I pics 008

Next he cut some clip art of things that begin with A out and glued them to another piece of paper:blog pics 031 (Yes, this was a different day, different jammies.)

Here’s what our A pages look like in our book. Aa craft page:blog pics 002

Collage page and tracing page:blog pics 004

There is a dry-erase marker attached to the front inside of the book, and a piece of felt to use for an eraser.

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. wait so will all of the letters go in the same binder (or a few of them) or will you have 26 binders somewhere?

  2. What a great idea to put all the letters in a binder! Izzie's are currently hanging on the kitchen door and I keep looking at them and thinking, how in the world will will get all 26 letters and pictures on the door! Thanks for this clever and practical solution.


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