Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gobble Gobble!

wild turkeys in backyard sept 15, 2009
We’ve had some visitors in our backyard on and off the past few weeks… wild turkeys. :)  We live close to a creek bed and get quite a bit of wildlife, but this is the first time we’ve had turkeys just wandering around. 

Too bad my camera isn’t focusing well, the picture is a little blurry.

Perfect time of year for them, isn’t it?  They are safe with us (no hunting of course within city limits), but only barely.  My husband is itching to get out his bow and arrow.  :) 

After the first sighting M seems to think it’s perfectly normal to have them around.  We grownups still run to the windows to watch. :)

Happy Fall! :)


  1. We get turkeys too. Wonder if we will get them in NY?

  2. How neat is that! The best we can hope for are squirrels and hummingbirds.

  3. What a great site! Watch out they will eat anything shiny, as we found out when a few got into my husband's tool box one time and his sockets disapeared!

  4. Thats so cool! About a month ago a couple of sandhill cranes stayed in our yard all day and my daughter walked around trying to imitate the noises they made. It was so funny.

  5. We get wild turkeys in our backyard nearly every day. They even stay there when we're in the yard now... I figure they make good pets since they entertain the kids and I don't have to feed them or take care of them.


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