Saturday, October 17, 2009

Books of the Week – {#7}

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We have not been to the library for the past two weeks. This is probably a record for us – we usually go at least once a week. M was sick last week and I was on the verge of sick this week. Thankfully, we are both feeling much, much better! And this week I’ll share two of our favorite books from our own bookshelves. :)
imageFirst, Gregory, The Noisiest and Strongest Boy in Grangers Grove by Robert Bright. We actually have this book from my husband’s childhood stash. It is absolutely hilarious. Especially if you happen to have a “noisy” and “strong” little boy. M loves this book, but for completely different reasons than his father and I do. We love it because as Gregory goes overboard to do a simple chore for his grandmother (expecting of course that she wants him to do something strong, brave, and noisy since that’s what he is good at) it reminds us of the simplicity and fun, and plain silliness, of boyhood. M loves this book because Gregory is, well, very much like M. :) Loud, extremely energetic, and the strongest boy in Grangers Grove. Gregory wants some of grandma’s griddle cakes and to that end, he rides a bear, pushes a stubborn mule, gathers eagles’ eggs, and a lot of other silliness. He ends up getting so mad he “hollers and jumps” until “he jumped so high you couldn’t hear him holler any more”. When he comes down he lands in the well and the cold water finally subdues him a little bit. It has a very sweet ending with grandma getting a strawberry jam kiss. :)
imageNext, “Stand Back,” Said the Elephant, “I’m Going to Sneeze!” by Patricia Thomas. This one is a book from my childhood. My brother and I would read this to each other and laugh till we couldn’t breathe. M loves it too, and it’s pretty frequently requested at nap time. The last time the elephant sneezed, he blew monkeys out of the trees, stripes off the zebra, and spots off the leopard. He tries warning his friends that another sneeze is coming and panic ensues. Our favorite part is the crocodile’s snout turning inside out. :)
For more great book recommendations go see Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns!
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. These sound like super cute books. We will definately add them to our list for the library!

  2. That elephant one sounds very cute!

  3. Hey Nicole, i could use your help :) I asked my friend to try to click on my pics (i did a post with the watermarks on it, my sponge trees post) and she was able to click on the picture and open it in a new window and copy and paste it in an email and everything. But i thought it would be a copyright so you cant do that. And then i went on here and saw that i cant do that with your pictures though. Can you help? Do you know what i did wrong by any chance?

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  5. Whisperingwhispers... I should've added this little caveat to the post - only get the first book if you are OK with your chid saying words like "holler" and "griddle cakes". ;) It really is funny, but not exactly the best example of how to speak properly... :)

  6. I am really curious to learn more about books of our generation. Obviously, I wasn't reading in English when I was a toddler. The only "carryover" from my childhood is Winnie-the-Pooh that was beautifully translated into Russian. I still like it more than English version :)

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm going to have to look for Stand Back, Said the Elephant. I think my girls would love it!

  8. I'm going to need to get both of those, my kids would love them.

  9. Thanks for the recommendations! I think we'll try to check out that elephant book. It sounds like something my kids would like.


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