Saturday, October 10, 2009

Books of the Week – {#6}

books of the week buttonWe have 3 super-good books to share with you this week. These are books we’ve gotten from the library several times and are really such favorites that I should just go buy them.
Let’s start with one of M’s all-time-favorites first – Tractor Day by Candice Ransom.imageThis book is about a child who gets to ride the tractor with her daddy all day as he plows and plants their field. There are some friendly black crows who come along, as well as a sort of sub-story shown in the background pictures of the mother, baby, and dog. This is a warm, fun story and would appeal to any child who is nuts about tractors like mine is. :)

Next, The Growing Story by Ruth Krauss (who is an excellent author by the way and has written many children’s classics).imageWhat a timeless story this is about a boy who wonders if he is really, truly growing or not. He sees the world about him changing and growing – trees, grass, flowers, his dog, the chickens – and continually asks his mother if he is growing too. The illustrations (by Helen Oxenbury) take the reader through the seasons beautifully and when fall comes around the little boy tries on his warm clothes from the previous winter and realizes they are too small and that he is, in fact, really growing after all. As the mother of a boy who is constantly trying to see if he can touch the ceilings yet (I’m not kidding) and keeps asking if he will be as tall as Daddy when he grows up, this book feels like the story of our life. :) I love this book.
Next, You’re Just What I Need by Ruth Krass (again!).image
This is another mother and child book about the simple fun of hiding under a blanket and letting mommy make silly guesses about what the “bundle” could be. It’s just so sweet (sorry to keep using that word, but it really is!) and something all we mothers can relate to. In the end the girl pops out, of course, and the mother discovers that the bundle was exactly just what she needed! :)
Pop over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns for more book reviews!
Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. "Tractor Day" sounds like a book my sons would enjoy. They love John Deer toys and this book would appeal to them.

    "The growing Story" would appeal to my oldest son since he likes learning about the seasons. He is small for his age and often asks me if he will be tall like his cousins. I really enjoyed your review of this book.

    Thank you!

  2. I think my sons would enjoy "Tractor Day" too. They love just about anything with wheels... or wings!

  3. Hi Nicole

    My little girl is right into hiding at the moment and asking: "Mummy, where could I be?" as she "hides" under a blanket. I think she would really enjoy the third book you mentioned, You're Just What I Need.

    I am sorry to hear about your Uncle. I will keep your family and Father In Law in my prayers. I hope that you didn't end up sick and that M has fully recovered.

    Your leaf activities look like a lot of fun. I like the matching game you created and leaf rubbings are always enjoyable. I never thought to do them with chalk and yours turned out so well.

  4. Great suggestions, and I haven't heard about any of these books. We have the same obsessions with growing, especially with growing breasts. LOL. I am adding A Growing Atory to my reading list, and I am adding your three extra entries to my Giveaway.

  5. All three of these books sound fun, and I haven't heard of any of them. Thanks for the reviews!


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