Thursday, October 1, 2009

Books of the Week - {#5}

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Matthew’s absolute favorite this week is Minerva Louise and the Red Truck by Janet Morgan Stoeke.imageThis is the first book we’ve read in the Minerva Louise series, but we will definitely be back for more of them! Minerva Louise is a very silly, very loveable chicken who thinks a handkerchief is a cape, upside down flower pots are a table and chairs, and work trucks grow on truck farms. For some reason the silliness that this book is filled with really appealed to my child. Go figure. :) He even took this book to church with him and it kept him occupied and quiet the entire time so it is a winner with me too! :)
My favorite this week is a classic – Ten Apples Up on Top by Theo LeSieg (aka Dr. Seuss).imageThis book somehow escaped my notice until I had M, and I am so glad I found it. It’s been mentioned in a few blog posts by other bloggers doing apple themes with their little ones, and I just had to get it again, so off to the library we went. The last time we had this one M was pretty small and he wasn’t crazy about it (although hubby and I thought it was hilarious!) – something about the mop scared him. He talked about that mop for a long time, silly boy. This time around he loves it as much as I do. A lion, a tiger, and a dog keep piling apples on their heads and do all they can to keep them there, despite some angry bears who are chasing them out of town. The crazy idea of having to keep apples on one’s head, no matter what, just tickles my funny bone. :) I highly recommend this one if you haven’t already read it!
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Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. We just read 10 apples and thought it was fun! Thanks for the other recommendations!

  2. I am adding both to my reading list. I already looked for 10 apples before, but it was checked out from the library at the time.

  3. I will have to see if our library has these books. They sound fun and I bet Selena would enjoy them.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. I have seen the 10 apples book popping up quite a bit in the blogosphere and most people have given it a good review, so I am off to see if I can get a copy of this book.

  5. We love Minerva Louise and the Big Red Truck.


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