Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Reading Spot

Teaching My Little Bookworm is hosting a great link-up for posts about reading areas in our homes.

We have an entrance that we never, ever use in our house, and we’ve turned it into M’s "reading spot”.  I set up a fabric box to hold all the library books we check out, there’s a backrest for sitting on the floor, a chair, and a couple of stuffed animals.  Sometimes it gets used as an overflow area for toys too (as you can clearly see), but I try to keep it fairly tidy and inviting.

This morning M was very, very quiet as I worked in the kitchen.  You know how that normally means trouble, right?  Well, I went to see what he was doing and found this:blog pics 006 (It’s as if he knew I wanted to do a post about this.)

I loved seeing this! 

He has a very full bookshelf in his room too, which holds the books he owns.  We normally check out 10 to 15 books from the library per week.  You can keep them for 3 weeks, and at one point I counted 40 children’s books from the library.  I felt a little… well, weird about having so many library books, but now that I’ve read some blog posts about this, I’m thinking we are pretty normal. It is a lot of reading, but we all enjoy it so much! 

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I just love to see everybody's reading corners, especially with their children reading. Your reading pattern sounds pretty much like ours. Come on, share what you are reading in my new reading linky :)

  2. I love his book corner the bear in the chair is so cute! :)

    don't feel bad about 40 we have out almost 100 (half are mine for totally tot post i do weekly and all :)

  3. Yay, reading! I love to see other people check out lots of library books. We average 10-20 a week, and Crumpet is usually angry that we didn't bring home more! But I can only lift so many books, you know?!Love your reading corner!


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