Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Open Ended Art – Paper Mosaics

The open ended art theme at Teaching My Little Bookworm this week is Mosaics with Paper.
M’s cousin S was over the day we did this. She is an artsy little 4 year old and I knew she would definitely want in on the action.
I set up a tray of colored paper cut into squares, as well as some templates cut from cardstock. Knowing that our summer days are numbered, I was trying for a summer theme so I cut out a butterfly, a sun, a star, and a beach ball:
blog pics 023
I gave them each some glue and they got busy! (That would be a puddle of glue that you see forming on M’s beach ball. He’s crazy when it comes to glue.)
blog pics 025 (The necklaces they are wearing were from their previous project – they spent the entire day creating stuff. It was great!)
Here’s the finished pieces:
blog pics 029We are planning to create a mobile from these, but it just hasn’t happened yet!
Check here for more great mosaic ideas!
Have a beautiful day!


  1. These are great Nicole! This is such a good idea.

  2. These are all so colorful. I love the shapes too. A mobile is a super fun idea!! When you do it you should post it so everyone can see it:-)--I'd love too!

  3. This is pretty neat. I didn't precut paper for our project, because usually Anna likes to cut. Big mistake - she was done after the second strip. Your mosaic turned out beautifully.

  4. These turned out so pretty. Great idea!

  5. great job love the mosaic center you set up! :)

  6. i like the way you presented and organised this activity... cut paper in the middle... and giving them precut shapes :) :)


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