Friday, September 18, 2009

Art Time! New Paint Makes Us Happy

We received this in the mail earlier this week:blog pics 036

We’ve been running pretty low on paint and *making do* for a few weeks now. Finally, the paint drought is over. :) M was as excited as I was, and ran for the kitchen and the paintbrushes. He grabbed the tiniest paintbrush we have, and painted an (almost) entire sheet of newsprint… pics 023It was at this point that he said his arm was starting to hurt, and I finally had him switch to a bigger brush. :) blog pics 001 I had no idea the poor kid had felt so paint-deprived lately.

Then we did some quick crabapple prints – this was for me, because I’ve been seeing all the apple crafts out there in blogland lately and they are making me so anxious to start our fall theme. I was standing firm about not starting until fall is actually here, but then Daddy and Matthew brought home grocery bags full of crabapples from Grandpa’s farm and I knew we just had to do something with them.

blog pics 019 blog pics 020

Ah, Paint, how we love you!

We got a great deal on all this paint – a total of 96 ounces of paint – for about $15.00 (including shipping) from Discount School Supply. Their sale is still going on, so if you need paint, head over there. :)

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I need to give in and order more paint, so I take it you like their brand? I've had bad luck with buying not Crayola (it did not dry red, silly thing).

  2. I get tons of stuff from them, they're great!!

  3. I am positively jealous that M likes to paint so much. Anna absolutely refuses to paint lately - it's completely bewildering to me. I like his "composition in blue" - must be his favorite color :)

  4. Selena has never showed much interest in paints, she doesn't like to get her hands dirty. She never even wanted to smear her food around like a lot of kids will do. She has just started to figure out it is ok to get her hands dirty while outside. Love his art work!


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