Friday, July 31, 2009

Open Ended Art - Yellow Collage

This is our first time participating in the open-ended art carnival going on here! I am excited because I think M's collage turned out pretty good! :) Of course I may have a little mama-bias going on too. ;)

I put some materials together, including a little basket with yellow pom-poms, some yellow felt pieces, yellow ribbon pieces, some green paper with stickers that he cut out earlier in the week, and a few feathers. I also put his scissors out with some yellow foam, tissue paper, and some yellow-ish scrapbook papers. I taped a piece of blue paper to the table with all the supplies:
Then I waited. M watched me set everything up and then he would occasionally go over and look at it, but he wasn't doing anything. I think he is used to me telling him it's art time and what we are going to do. I was hoping he would just climb up and start creating something.

Finally I said, "You can get up at the table and make a collage with those things if you want to." And he jumped up into the chair and got started right away.

I tried to keep quiet, and for a while I reconciled myself to the idea that he was going to have a piece of paper with 3 little yellow pom-poms and puddles of glue all over.

But I just couldn't stay quiet and eventually I said, "Ok, I think that's enough glue for now" in my happy-happy mommy voice, and I snatched the glue bottle away. :)

He cut up some of the foam and other papers and then he really started glueing stuff on. I was in another room when he came to tell me he was done. He was very excited. So was I when I saw the finished art:

How fun! I am loving this!

To see more open-ended art visit Teaching My Little BookWorm!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Oh, I love what Matthew did! I thought that you certainly set him up for success with so many options, and the picture of him in front of his masterpiece is really cute. I envy that you can go to another room while he is working on something. Usually it only takes 2 min for Anna to realize that I am no longer in the kitchen and come looking for me.

  2. I love his face in the last photo. We are enjoying the open ended art projects too!

  3. he looks so proud standing in front of his work!

  4. So cute! Looks like he had a lot of fun :)

  5. It's amazing how much glue they all are convinced they need.

  6. i love that he did it completely on his own! and his finished project shows how much fun he had :)

  7. he looks very proud of this collage! he did a great job

  8. How fun!! I also think he did a marvelous job! :)

    What a cool idea, too. I'll have to check it out and participate it. Love it!

  9. This turned out really great! I love the feathers!!


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